Cropbytes Review

(edited as at 8 May 2021 1,200 TRX to 500 TRX.) I play & earn crypto daily on CropBytes and download from Googleplay/App Store now since 2018. Sign up with my referral code FD4110 and stand a chance to get rewards worth up to 12000 500 TRX!

Its a fun game where you Play and Earn. Tutorial video is included in the game to show how to build your Crypto Farm from planting your seed, feeding your pet to trading your coins.


You can earn rewards worth up to 12,000 500 TRX for every new player you get on board. New players will also benefit by receiving a reward when they sign up with a referral code. (Use my REFERRAL CODE to begin your journey Get rewards in your account for every new user that signs up with your invite. Your friend will also receive a reward in their account when they sign up. The value of the reward can be worth up to 12,000 500 TRX for each referral. It will be available for a limited period after your friend signs up. Your friend has to complete the activity given in the dashboard before the reward expires. Help your friend play and complete the activity required to unlock rewards for you both. (Example of you and your friend need complete to claim the rewards, therefore using a REFERRAL CODE will help you)

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– Terms –

  • Referral rewards will be earned by the referrer and referee.
  • Rewards will be unlocked only when a referral is complete.
  • Completion of referral: A referral is complete when the referee finishes the activity assigned to the player.
  • Activity details:
    – Crop harvest : Crop Land, Seeds, and Water are required to grow crops. To complete one (1) harvest, players need to sow seeds in the cropland, water it, and harvest it when it’s ready. 
  • Rewards expire in 30 days if they are not unlocked.
  • Rewards earned via CropBytes Referral Program are tradeable.
  • TRX value of the rewards will be non-withdrawable.
  • Reward Value: Your reward is evaluated on the base price (or) the market price at the time of unlocking. (Higher value is considered )
  • Free Trial Pack for new users will be valid for 7 days from sign up.
  • CropBytes is not responsible for any loss that occurs to the players.
  • Any player conducting fraudulent activities with regards to the CropBytes Referral Program will be denied any further participation in the program and earlier bonuses will also be withheld.
  • If any fraudulent activities are noticed, CropBytes has the right to disqualify the players or take necessary action.
  • CropBytes has the right to cancel the contest at any time.

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Before You Start to Build Your farm remember to Watch all the video tutorial first. Its located a TOP-MIDDLE with Youtube Logo as shown below. This games involve a lot of skills as it involves real time trading in game with TRON (TRX). You need keep alert when to Buy ASSET and when to Sell ASSET with GREEN and RED indicator to gain more TRON (TRX)

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