Crypto Dynasty Review

Earn Crypto EOS or ETH Coin by playing Games, Mining or Staking. You can play on Android or IOS (Test Flight). Signup now HERE with referral code “faucethubtec” to claim your 1000 tiger rune (with term and condition, scroll down to read more). 

Download HERE. Referral Code “faucethubtec”.

Personally i will be playing EOS rather than ETH, due to the reason of “high ETH Gas price” for  transaction fee. EOS on the other side requires lower transaction fees because its new in the market compare ETH. Those in Crypto will know why old coins in the Market have higher transaction fees, mostly its because the coin difficulties become harder to solve. Finally the decision is up to u to play EOS or ETH.

As of Now EOS also supporting a lot of crypto games. I will try to cover more Earning Crpyto Games Online. Hope you all stay tune. Now lets discuss back on “Crypto Dynasty Review” 


Ways to Earn Crypto Currency (ETH or EOS) with Crypto Dynasty. 

1) Play Games

The games is similar to “Idle Games” which you will need to login hourly to maintain the hero to be active in the game. Its great game for those who don’t have much time as it depend on your hero level and stage clear.

You will need to press “March” at the middle for them to start clear stage, give you material and level up. Do not keep pressing “March” as it will only give you lower grade material. The more you kill the more better grade material.

ALSO DO NOT KEEP PRESS “MARCH”, it consume your Wallet CPU / RAM or etc. Mostly crypto games need it for each action which cost fees. (Scroll down for more info on Wallet Fees). 

As you progress by increasing your hero level or equipment, you can kill more castle and raise your rank. The higher the rank the more benefit you get. For example Unlocking Stage, Unlocking Arena, Boss Bonus, Unlocking Mount usage and etc.

When you reach Certain Level and Military Rank. You can earn by mining boss. Each boss give random BOSS SPECIAL REWARD. The highest boss now is Legendary “Dong Zhuo”. ts like world boss where everyone in game participate to kill it and get the loot so its a community game where everyone participate.

2) Crafting Equipment 

Those days we play games, all our equipment is lock in game and cant freely sell on market. Now Crypto Games evolves the way we play game. In Crypto Dynasty we can craft own equipment and sell it to the market for Crypto Coin which can be converted back to CASH. After sometime if we are bored of the game or need CASH we can also sell it back to market. A double win for me to play and earn.

3) Staking Coins

Another way for Cryto Dynasty triumph as a game to play and invest is the ability to staking coins. They have their own coins to stake which is “TKT COINS” (Different from ingame Tiger Coin). The game developer will pool and lock the TKT Coins as “EOS reward Pool”. Then base on the pool and market stake they will reward back to stake holder daily claim. Its very transparent as you can claim back in EOS directly back to your wallet based on your stake amount. Therefore those playing the game can stake some coin to maintain your game play cost. (I personally stake to support my in game cost)

4) Referral

Crypto Dynasty Referral is abit unique. You need to key in your referral code manually in game. It also requires the referee and referrer to have 3 heroes for they to claim bonus and recruiting.Therefore it filter true gamer and investor to play with referral due to its benefit as it only restrict 100 slot for referral only.

Those interested can download HERE and key in my referral code for 1000 Tiger Rune.

Download HERE. Referral Code “faucethubtec”.

Important Info For wallet user.

If you are new to Crypto Gaming Wallet, you need pay attention. (I can only cover EOS wallet that i use before). Feel free to support us by installing this crypto game wallet as it also support many other games which i will cover it later after i tested it.

Click the banner above to register. or click HERE.

When u register wombat with referral code “AX24Z2” you will get a handful of free transactions. But be careful, as each action in game will cost you network fee. One of the reason is due to RESOURCES or RAM needed by the wallet to interact with the game server as a network fee. Therefore always keep an eye on the wallet “Setting” and “Resources”.

For first time user no worry, you can use my referral code “AX24Z2” after signing up HERE to get your startup resources in your wallet free.

Click the banner above to register. or click HERE.

This require a lesser Network fee for playing the game but it requires you to use referral and complete certain task to get free Network Fee as a Welcome Bonus. Those prefer investment or China based APPS , this is recommended to use.


Those install apps above in their phone enjoy variety games as i mention earlier supported by EOS Crypto Coin. Do install wallet above with my referral and check out all the Games, Defi, Finance, Tool and etc with just one click link to the wallet.

Above is wombat wallet support EOS crypto games. You can play and earn from Candycrush, Dota 2, Cuties and etc. I will try test and cover as much as possible every week. Those cant wait can straight install the wallet and play the other games above. 

Final Conclusion Review

Final Conclusion, Crypto Dynasty is a great game to play and earn. Its less stress and playable anytime when you free. Idle game earning is my cup of tea to play on phone as i got many other things to do. Its recommended for IDLE GAMES and Three Kingdom lover out there. As overall i like games that will give you back inflow money rather than outflow of your wallet (conventional games). I am more to new crypto generation guy, so i give it a thumbs up for my collection.

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