Focus Games Review

Have you ever thought, Social Chat channel can earn you MULTIPLE CRYPTO? Yes there is a platform that can let you earn Crypto By social chat and its call FG ! Lets go in details

Ways to Grab Crypto Coin with FG:

1) Chat in their social channel 

Sounds easy right to chat in their social channel to grab some crypto coin. Yes, it is to connect crypto lovers and make friends. You only need to chat and each hour their pool will distribute to lucky member in the form of RAIN. This rain contains MULTIPLE CRYPTO coins, you can check on it at dashboard after the rain. 

But there is a catch, the channel is strictly monitor by moderator and bots. Therefore you need to follow their rules and regulation or you will get automatic punished. For me its fair, a clean channel is better for everyone to communicate. Before posting anything you also can scroll above the channel to see other members communicate.

You can join multiple channel such as: 

  • VIP

Also please be nice when chatting.

The image above shows the RAINMASTER is making it rain for those lucky member who have actively participate in chat for the past hour. 

Then you been wondering how do RAINMASTER POOL system got the crypto currency. The source of the POOL system is from member that contribute by /rain amount . The /rain amount is because members contribute to pool will get experience and daily bonus which is need to rank higher in level for more benefits. (This will be cover later below as DAILY BONUS)

2) Play Games

They have alot of games such as:

  • Wheel of Wealth (Sir William)
  • Slot Machine (Mr Sloth)
  • Rambo Dice (Duke Rambo)
  • Multiplayer Lottery

Each game have different probability to win. Therefore you need to check “TOTAL WAGERED” and “TOTAL WON”. But so far Vegas-style Games have higher won rate. It depends on yourself to choose what suits you.

You can bet with multiple crypto currency such as Focus Token, Exp, FGBUX, STREAK, VIP and TRON (TRX).


Lottery above is abit special as it contain variety of choices for you to play. You can bet any slot available from Turbo 3 minute timer to Monthly Lottery.  

Again all above is games for FUN to EARN. Its not GAMBLING as most of it have high probability of winning but you need invest time. ALL above have high probability winning EXCEPT DICE and LOTTERY. ADDITIONAL ADVISE TRY NOT TO TOUCH DICE and LOTTERY if you cant afford to lose.

3) Complete Offer Walls

By completing Offer Walls you will get FGBUX which can be converted to other Crypto Coins. To complete Offer Walls you need to select any provide above and select tasks. Sample of task shown below photo.

(For example: if you click and accept 3500000 FGBUX task for Xtrade and complete the stated task within the time frame and requirement, you get rewards for it. But always keep in mind the higher the reward the harder the task to complete, try aim for small task and dont be greedy)

4) Claim Faucet Reward

You can claim turbo faucet by just completing captcha. Its turbo so u can claim it very fast and easy.

5) Complete Daily Bonus

Everyday the Daily Bonus will reset, therefore its good for member to claim FGN Token and Experience. There are more than 10 Daily bonus for you to claim. Therefore you can also grow your account in F2P (Free 2 Play) mode as you earn daily from it.

6) Upgrade VIP

After sometime playing and testing the game many Whale or Dolphin Investor will choose this option to upgrade as VIP. Those really dive into this platform will invest as it provides many benefit as below: (this benefit is recorded as at 27.4.2021, therefore it may change from time to time)

  • Auto-Play Bots
  • Exclusive Chatroom
  • Username Decoration
  • Daily Bonus Boost
  • Referral Earning Increase
  • Captchas Hidden

After testing it out, do give VIP a try. Especially Auto-Play Bots and Catchas Hidden are worth it.

Experience and Vegas Level

After testing the platform out, You notice, why there is experience level given and what are the benefit of experience. You can go to “upgrade” menu box at platform. The platform will explain more in details.

As your betting and rewards depends on it.

Final Conclusion Review

This platform got variety method to earn crypto coins. I can say its solid paymaster which clear payment within 24 hours. Most important its good for crypto side income to begin and its easy to grab crypto coins from them.

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