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(Edited 13 June 2021) Have you thought of playing mining simulation games and earn crypto? Yup here you get a chance to go back in time for gold rush HYPE. This crypto games can be played on a PC or Mobile device, but PC is recommended for better resolution to view all commands. This is because the game requires a lot of technical sense, economical sense and MICRO MANAGEMENT so every ACTION you do will have IMPACT in-game.

Play, Trade and Earn with Mining Simulation Game

This game requires allot of MICRO MANAGEMENT. You need to imagine yourself owning a Mining Business during the Old Timers GOLD RUSH, and strategize yourself to thrive in it. First impression is more like turn based game, where you need to take specific action to get a job done. If you are not a MICRO MANAGEMENT person, you can skip this game as you might suffer time and financial lost. If you a MICRO MANAGEMENT person then you can proceed to understand more about it by reading the sharing below.

1) Register an Account

There are you blockchain server, EOS and WAX. You can register both blockchain account to play but you cannot create multiple account  in 1 server or your your account will be JAIL BAN. 

Register EOS(Yukon) account: Click Here

Register WAX(Wild West) account: Click Here

(Recommended Wax Wallet as cloud. EOS Wallet as Wombat.)

The benefit to register both WAX and EOS is that your items and gold can be transfer freely to trade or stake with RAILWAY migration built in the game.

2) Understand Game ECOSYSTEM

The game it self is build similar to Old Timers Gold Rush. You will have multiple job to select. For example: Miner, Tools Maker, Coffee House Owner, Gold Mine Owner, Iron Ore Owner and etc. It depends what role you want to focus. The you can MICRO MANAGE specific sector or MACRO MANAGE all. (As it consume time, its better to take your first try step slowly to understand the Ecosystem)

You can get more information in-game bottom left screen for wiki help and telegram with more than 3,000 User. 

3) Play to Earn

There are multi way to earn gold which can be converted to CRYPTO Currency:

a) Beginner Stage (F2P Free to Play Method):

i) You can earn by TRANSPORTING ITEM listed by others as a job action. (Your can press “j” keyboard or go to bottom left “All Jobs” highlighted red)

After you got the avaible job press “Perform”, some jobs are too far away as the game calculate your walking distance and time to complete it so just ignore it but if u dont have any job nearby then you need move your worker closer.

b) Intermediate Stage 

If you plan to invest a bit or collected some gold from Beginner Stage. You can buy some tools to complete jobs with higher gold rewards. Certain jobs require certain tool and certificate diploma (location at 00/-01 to buy)

The tools can be bought in the Market by press “R” on keyboard or click bottom right (highlighted in red circle)

*** IMPORTANT NOTES: Do not craft your own tools as your tools lifespan is lesser. Only Buy from market with green indicator for long term playing ***

c) Advance Stage

At this stage you have enough gold to invest in Land Plot with Building. This is where the REAL GAME START. You need to really MICRO MANAGE your financial to make sure you are not losing gold paying for COST such as:

  • Cost of Rent / Purchasing Land Plot
  • Worker Wages (Mining per Min)
  • Material Cost (If build new building, VERY EXPENSIVE as it have many stages to complete)
  • Transport Cost
  • Mining Return Permin (This will deteriote as gold mine runs down)
  • etc

This you need put it down in a notepad to make sure you are profiting from Rent / Purchase. You can Rent / Purchase in auction by pressing “L” for land registry. (Bottom Left highlighted red circle)

*** You can jump directly to this stage by purchasing PGL from exchange. Recommended Alcor exchange and  Newdex

Register EOS(Yukon) account: Click Here

Register WAX(Wild West) account: Click Here

(Recommended Wax Wallet as cloud. EOS Wallet as Wombat.)

4) Crypto Conversion

Now you might ask, HOW AM I GETTING BACK MY CRYPTO? Its a question everyone would ask so they wont waste their time and effort. Below are the few steps:

i) If you got RAW gold from your mine land, you need to use your worker to collect the gold and bring it to a bank. Then press CONVERT from RAW gold to GAME gold.

ii) Go to account setting (top right), click exchange then reverse to exchange gold to PGL

iii) Once you have PGL you can sell it back to exchange.

Recommended Alcor exchange and  Newdex

Final conclusion review

If you notice there are a lot of alts coins pop up like mushrooms, some go up to mainstream and some just wipe out from the market. Therefore we need to invest and PLAY TO EARN CRYPTO with a good blockchain. Few factors need to understand from the Blockchain are whitepaper and Upcoming projects such as DAPP, DEFI, GAMES and etc. Therefore after risk assessment, we prefer EOS and WAX game for long term. The best part this game run with EOS and WAX which effect the in-game PGL token to have long future ahead. 

Register EOS(Yukon) account: Click Here

Register WAX(Wild West) account: Click Here

(Recommended Wax Wallet as cloud. EOS Wallet as Wombat.)

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