Rollercoin Review

Earn Crypto Coin by playing Games or Buying Virtual Miner. Signup now with referral

Ways to Earn Crypto Coin with Rollercoin:

1) Play Games Daily

This is an easy fun way to earn coins daily. Firstly you need play the games daily then it will award you “MINING POWER / HASH POWER VIRTUALLY”. With the hash power you can allocate it mine any selected currency you wish to get. For example : BTC / ETH / DOGE / RLT. The power can be splited base on % as above example 100% on RollerCoin.

But there is 24 hour timer for you to earn hash power. So its better to clear it daily because its FREE !!!

2) Get Faucet (Only available in Mobile APPS)

After You Register your account with the referral. Go to Google Play and download it. On your TOP-LEFT screen you will see the menu on the Logo. There you Earn More Faucet or External Game.

3) Buy Mining Parts

When you got sufficient MONEY / COINS you can invest in Mining Parts. This mining parts provide you hash power to virtually mine the coins in the system. Its advisable only purchase when there is discounts for the value. 

***** SIDE NOTES *****

If you need to buy any crypto coin. You can go to “Buy Crypto Currency

For trading coin and multiple wallet you can go to this PAGE. As i also do trade within this platform for better price.

4) Referral System

As of this date NOW your own referral you can “Play and Receive 25% from Referral’s Profit. 15% in Game Purchases“. It might change from time to time base on their management decision for future promotion so GRAB it NOW. You can start by using my referral.

Final Conclusion Review

Many would ask is it scam? or is it worth it. I would say every company have its time line, nothing is forever business in this world. Its depend on management.

From what i see, they earn their money from:

  1. Referral (Outsource) – See no.2 above where they list faucet and games outsource.
  2. If you play games you will notice there is ads somewhere. If web brouser you can see left and right. They earn from it as our “” also earn from ads.

Its been in the Market since 2018 so from my point of view it have determine to go further unless their management did something wrong.