Splinterland Review


Play, Trade and Earn with Card Games

This is a fun game where you can play card, trade card and participate daily tournament to earn MONEY. To put it simple this game integrate with blockchain technology thats why it can be easily converted to MONEY.

Ok let me begin with a simple run through of this game on how to EARN MONEY from this Game. 

1) Register an Account

First you need to create an account. Please help to support for further improvement of my website to provide more Earning Alternative.


2) Understanding Basic Features

The card features is similar to Hearthstone card game.

  • Top Left 1st Circle – Mana Points which needed to summon it
  • Top Left 2nd Circle – Range Attack Damage Points
  • Top Left 3nd Circle – Melee Damage
  • Top Left 4th Circle – Initiative Speed. (The higher it is, the faster it engage)
  • Right Heart – Hit Points (HP)
  • Right Shield – Armor (Good for tanking and damage at 1st line up)

3) Battle

You need to start learning to battle as novice to climb to diamond. Learn the basic of the game first with “Battle”. (As you grow in rank you get better reward and you can Earn MORE Money in Diamond Rank). So lets start with Battle.

  • Press the red circle on the top “BATTLE”
  • Then the system will find enemy within your ranking for you.
  • After system found the Enemey, click on “MAKE TEAM”
  • Select your summoner in which element and skill set you wanted to play. Your Monster element will based on your summoner.
  • No worry at beginning they have Free To Play (FTP) Summoner and Monster for you to start the game.
  • In Make Team Screen You need create your team based on random mana given server. (Yellow Circle)
  • Your Team setup will be on your left screen. (Usually place damage absorber/ tank as 1st card, then followup by damage / support / fodder)
  • Always check random requirement by server. (Purple Circle)
  • Every game you win you can rank up but will depend on your Card Power. To slowly climb you need collect card from REWARD BOX or trading. 
  • THE REWARD BOX GIVE YOU ITEM OR CARD for you to trade or progress rank

Everyday you can complete Daily Quest for REWARD BOX.

BUT before you can start earning DEC and MONEY. You need Purchase a SPELLBOOK. It works as a starter pack Wallet for you to:

  • EARN DEC (For Tournament / Trade / Withdrawal)
  • Trading
  • They will Provide you MASTER KEY, OWNER KEY, ACTIVE KEY, POSTING KEY AND MEMO KEY for you to trade with the wallet (Trading will be covered below)
  • You can purchase Spellbook with Paypal or Crypto
  • After Purchase Spellbook you can link your Crypto Currency Wallet for you to WITHDRAW or TRADE.

4) Events (Tournament)

Once you earn enough DEC. You can start participate in Tournament to Earn MONEY or DEC.

  • Select Novice / Bronze League to start your first tournament.
  • Check Time, Date of Tournament and requirement for you to enter. (Some need Minimum requirement of Card Power, so u need collect enough OWN CARD and not FTP card to enter. To be able to collect OWN card you need complete daily REWARD BOX, SEASON REWARD BOX, or trade.
  • Every game you win you get DEC points which is then use for Tournament (Recommended read below) or trading or withdrawal.

5) Trading Market

Trading is a place where you can buy card or sell card. There are few things need to highlight on this basic trading.

  • Firstly you need make sure what deck you want to built base on the frequent tournament you are participating to earn money.
  • Secondly if you plan to trade buy and sell, check which card you think can profit you after you sell back to market.
  • Finally, remember to check which summoner and which monster to focus. You need summoner to summon the monster with element attribute (that why its better to battle it out at step 1 above mention to learn basics)
  • For example above is summoner.
  • At Level 3 star, this summoner can summon higher star level monster which have better spell skills.
  • Therefore you need more card combine to reach the exp level.
  • The more higher the star level the more expensive
  • For example above is a monster.
  • At Level 3 star, this monster can have 3 skill. Hover to the skill and u see its skill ability.
  • To get to Level 3 star, you need 6 card combine. 
  • The stats will also see improvement in its overall
  • To be combine and increase its star level, you need go to “Cards”, then Filter “OWNED”. Only OWNED card able to combine or sell.
  • Red Circle – Combine card to level up star
  • Yellow Circle – List the card for Sale at Market
  • Green Circle – List the card for Rent at market
  • You can also buy packs to get cards and airdrops. (Similar with Hearthstone packs)
  • Due to RNG its better only buy it with promo as its give additional bonus packs. (Some benefit from it and some lose from it)
  • But before opening any packs always buy potions to have higher chance for “Legendary” or “Gold Foil”.
  • After puchasing if you wanted open can go to “OPEN” and drag the pack to center.
  • You can also Buy Land to BUILD, GATHER RESOURCE and CRAFT.

6) Referral System

You can earn MONEY also by using your Referral as it provides 5% of the LIFETIME PURCHASE of Card Packs and Summoner Spellbooks that are made by referrals!

Therefore this time please support my referral and don’t waste it as it contribute for future developement of the page.


Final conclusion review

THIS IS AMAZING GAME. It covers Fun, Challenging Tournament to Earn Money, Worth Earning and Worth Investment (You can resell back the after you get tired of the game). 

Recommended game to those love CRYPTO, MONEY and CARD. GAMES.

Thank You for your time reading through it. Again please help support my referral.


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