Crypto NFT

NFT also know as Non-Fungible Token is a famous slang use by many Crypto Investors. Its stored as a data on a specific wallet that uses blockchain technology. Its unique digital assets which can be minted by specific owner or producer in blockchain with specific quantity. Mostly its used to store specific file such as photo, video, audio and etc. 

The NFT will have a unique asset code which can be track in blockchain and will have unique proof of ownership. towards it. Therefore owner of the specific NFT will have the rights to transfer or burn the assets. Below are famous NFT exchange where investor trade:

OpenSea NFT

The Largest NFT Marketplace


Now days, Most of the valuable NFT are created in a form of Collection and Utility uses. Some of the famous collection are NFT cards. For example those days people collect physical cards such as baseball, basketball, superheroes and etc. This physical cards if not kept properly it will deteriorate, lost, stolen and etc. But if the card is well maintain, some rare cards can fetch a good amount of money sold to collectors. As there is demand for card collection, NFT technology was brought in to store this card properly in blockchain for better and easier trading. Not only NFT can be traded for collection, some of the NFT collection do contribute back to society. For example certain sports card sales contribute back to the player or team as a support towards their effort given. If you love certain activity, events, team, player or you feel like contributing back to society. You can always look for certain NFT that supports them and purchase the NFT without revealing your identity through the blockchain technology.

Below are recommendation of some NFT:


Top Shot

Meanwhile, some NFT can be utilized as a part of crypto games. For Example, In games, the NFT can be burn for better NFT version, mining specific coin, perform special task, create unique assets and etc. This type of NFT enable investor to enhance their gaming experience in the game and some NFT can help them to earn from there. 

Below are recommendation of some NFT:



If you are feeling generous, you can donate. As some NFT sales contribute back to the those needed the most. The Photo Below is example of NFT bidding that use the proceeds from the sale of this NFT to save lives.  (EXAMPLE ONLY AS BELOW)

Those NGO need funds or those wanted to contribute in donation can go thru the  banner below. Create or search for donation you wanted to contribute. HERE

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