Cryptocurrency News – Week of July 23, 2023

This selection – sometimes difficult to make – presents the 5 articles considered to be the most significant of the past week. This in order to be able stay informed of important innovations and advances in the field.

With, at the end of this summary of the news, a complete technical analysis of the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies emblematic with regard to the news of the week.

A good way to keep an eye on this ecosystem while enjoying the weekend.

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Forge (Societe Generale) obtains the first PSAN approval

The feat! While many native crypto companies have been struggling for ages with the famous PSAN approval issued by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF)it is the subsidiary dedicated to crypto-assets of a large French bank that wins the pompom.

Société Générale’s Forge becomes the first entity now approved. All the others (approximately 87) still only benefit from relative regulatory certification known as “registration”.

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Chainlink – Launch of the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP)

Chainlink - Launch of the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP)

In the field of Oracles, the Chainlink (LINK) project is a historic leader. A solution developed from 2017 to solve a central problem in the blockchain sector: the reliability of off-chain data. A necessity for DeFi protocols and other crypto services based on the real-time management of external information to allow the proper functioning of their smart contracts.

But obviously the developers of this project want to go even further with the announced launch of a new interoperability solution presented as the “TCP/IP of finance.” Explanations…

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Valkyrie’s Bitcoin Spot ETF Proposal Officially Recognized by SEC

ETF Bitcoin spot Valkyrie

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has just to accept Valkyrie’s Bitcoin spot ETF deposit for review.

The proposal ironically baptized “Brrr” in reference to a meme popular in the bitcoin ecosystem to refer to the sound of central bank money printing, is the second, after that of BlackRock last week, to benefit from the anointing of the federal authority to enter the SEC’s Nasdaq regulatory list.

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Terraform Labs – Save the Terra Network!

Terraform Labs - Save the Terra Network... or not!

In the short list of historical traumas experienced by the cryptocurrency industry, the dramatic collapse of the Terra network (now Classic) is still fresh in everyone’s mind. A case still being processed by the courts, whose total losses amount to tens of billions of dollars.

Nevertheless, the still active members of the Terrafom Labs structure are still trying to save this sinking blockchain. And in order to carry out this operation, some surprising decisions have just been taken…

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Aave – Launch of the decentralized stablecoin GHO

The cryptocurrency sector is crossed by fashions both in terms of markets and internal developments. And in this last category are obviously the decentralized stablecoins that seem to drive the strategic ambitions of the main “blue-chip” DeFi protocols.

A sector, however, greatly disturbed by the historic collapse of the UST algorithmic version of the defunct Terra Classic network. But obviously, this dark chapter does not prevent the Aave protocol from trying this adventure with the official launch of its GHO.

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Altcoins that pump – Don’t fall into this trap!

Altcoins that pump - Don't fall into this trap!

Like every week, this analysis video will be an opportunity to take stock of the current situation of the cryptocurrency market, using specific indicators. With in the first place the essential Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also the FLOW, following a plebiscite under the video analysis last week.

All this withina tendency towards neutrality still very heavy, the consequences of which can quickly become problematic for investors who are in too much of a hurry.

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