DappRadar Partners with Unstoppable Domains

New login options, a huge giveaway and more

DappRadar is delighted to announce a partnership with Unstoppable Domains, the leading platform for Web3 domains and digital identities. Visitors to the World’s Dapp Store can connect their wallet and use DappRadar’s services thanks to Unstoppable Domains UD Login. 

Thanks to the partnership with Unstoppable Domains, users can now log in to DappRadar using their Web3 domains. This not only makes logging in easier, but it also underlines the ease of using 1 digital identity across various platforms. 

To celebrate this unique partnership with Unstoppable Domains, we’re giving away $50 of Unstoppable Domains store credit to every registered DappRadar user. This campaign will start on Wednesday Tuesday, 7 December, and the claiming period will last for 30 days. The store credit will allow every DappRadar user to get a domain name.  

The fun doesn’t end here. On Thursday, 8 December at 3pm UTC we will organize a Twitter Spaces where we will talk about the partnership and other developments in the Web3 industry.  

Log in to DappRadar now using UD Login, and explore the world of dapps.

Here’s how you log in using Unstoppable Domains

  1. Go to DappRadar.com and click “Connect” in the top right corner
  2. Select “Unstoppable Domains” from the Connect menu
  3. Select your domain name
  4. And then pick your Web3 wallet service, i.e. Metamask, to connect
  5. Sign the blockchain signature (no transaction fees) to approve ownership
  6. You now have your domain name as your username on DappRadar

Want to see Unstoppable Domains on DappRadar? Visit the Single Dapp Page of Unstoppable Domains to see the latest NFT domain sales, trading activity and other dapp data.

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