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DappRadar launches Explore beta version

Web3 enthusiasts and crypto traders are now invited to discover Explore, a beta version of a new discovery tool on DappRadar. Those who are looking to dive into the wonderfully diverse world of blockchain applications now have their ideal starting point. 

Exploration without a compass remains a matter of luck, and lots of trial and error. With the introduction of Explore on DappRadar, you can find guidance for your journey into Web3. Explore gives you one page with all the trending DeFi dapps, Web3 games, NFT collections, and tokens. 

What does Explore offer?

Explore gives you an overview of what’s hot and trending, and what’s new in the world of dapps. Through the Recently Added section, you can find the latest DeFi platforms, Games and NFT collections added to DappRadar.

At the top of the page you find the Top Boosted dapps. These are the dapps that have found the most support from the DappRadar PRO community.

In addition, users can find the latest reports, analysis, and articles about the Web3 industry, while also getting access to Top Tokens and Top 10 NFT sales in the past 24 hours. 

Important is the addition of the Trending section. Here DappRadar users can discover the Games, DeFi platforms and NFT collections that have seen the most activity within the past 24 hours. In the example below you can see that ApeSwap had the biggest growth in its TVL.

From the Explore page, any DappRadar user with a connected wallet can get direct access to their Portfolio. While dapp developers can find the projects they’ve listed through the Developer Dashboard.

Explore on DappRadar is built to make dapp discovery easier than ever before.

Give feedback, more to come

This beta version of Explore is just a first version, and DappRadar will add features such as industry signals and personalization options in future iterations. We’re even working on adding upcoming dapps. 

We invite the DappRadar community to test the Explore page and share their feedback. Let’s explore the empowering world of Web3 together!

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