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45,000 new NFTs, at $99 apiece, sold out in less than a day. The former US president launched a new series of digital cards bearing his image on Tuesday, following the success of his first collection last December. Created on Polygon (MATIC)The cards represent Donald Trump in various situations and costumes, as George Washington, as a chess king or as a superhero.

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Another dazzling success for Donald Trump

On the OpenSea secondary market, prime ministers NFT the Donald Trump are trading at around $129. An average price far from 854 dollars achieved a few weeks ago when he appeared in federal court. Launched last December, his first collection of digital cards in his image sold out in just 24 hours. A success that would have brought him between 100,000 and 1 million dollarsaccording to a financial document that he had to provide to an official commission.

The 45th American president did it again on Tuesday with a second series of 45,000 NFTs, sold for $99 each. like in december. That’s a revenue of $4.6 million this time! NFTs that are “great artistic creations about my life and career”said the 2024 US presidential candidate – in a rough patch – after announcing himself as “your favorite president of all time, more than Lincoln or Washington”.

My digital trading cards sold, in record time, for approximately $4.6 million. A great honor, and I hope everyone is happy, healthy and wealthy. CONGRATULATIONS! (Donald Trump, on Truth, the platform he himself launched in 2022).

Donald Trump now speaks out on Truth, the conservative social network he founded in 2022 (even though his Twitter account has been reactivated)

A kitsch but fiercely selling patriotism

What do we see on these digital maps ? We see Donald Trump in various situations and costumes, which are all symbols of a certain narcissism and kitsch patriotism. We see it sometimes en George Washingtonthe founding father of the American nation; as a chess kingwho thinks he is the master of the game; as a superhero, obviously invested with a mission; holding the “Liberty Bell”, the symbol of the independence of the United States.

And for what use? Trump explains that each card in his collection can offer its holder an “incredible reward” such as a dinner with him at his villa in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, an hour of golf in his presence, a video chat on Zoom, an autograph and more.

But what do these NFTs actually mean? Are they works of art or objects of speculation? Are they historical testimonies or instruments of propaganda? Are they an umpteenth political provocation ? … So many questions posed by the pro-democratic US press this morning, visibly incredulous of the morbid fascination for a man who, according to them, embodies the worst of American politics, who lied, cheated, divided, stirred up hatred and violence…

That said, Donald Trump is not the only one to have launched his collection of NFTs. Other personalities, like the rapper Snoop Doggthe football player Lionel Messi or the founder of Twitter Jack Dorseyhave also put NFTs for sale in their image or related to their activity.

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