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An Introduction to Linting Solidity and Formatting with Solhint

We are back with a new put up! And this time we have, Solhint! This is an open-resource job for linting Solidity code. Solhint provides both equally Stability and Type Guidebook validations

Most of the linting methods available for detecting vulnerabilities in codes of Solidity — fundamental wise contracts in Ethereum — usually constantly focus on code compliance with the finest linting practices. Solhint addresses a vast selection of validation principles and also permits developers to add new kinds, although complying with the Solidity design guide and granting a 2x–4x improve in general performance. 

With this web site publish, we purpose to deliver an overview of a complete Solhint linter that makes it possible for for detecting syntax-relevant protection code vulnerabilities. Let us get began!

Introduction to Solidity Linting

The Ethereum group has started out to acquire some great instruments that make it possible for consumers to get closer to the automatic workflow that is current in extra experienced languages like Javascript or Go.

Two of all those instruments touch the most main portion of a developer’s workflow: crafting code.

  • Linters quickly review code for probable programmatic and styling glitches (well known case in point: ESLint for Javascript).
  • Formatters automatically structure code according to predefined rules and indentation defaults (well-liked example: gofmt for Go).

Making use of Solhint

Solhint is a amazing group linter for the Solidity programming language, which is identical to an computerized code reviewer who flags up protection glitches and instills greatest techniques throughout the wise contract audit course of action.

Solhint is a library and a command-line tool for static assessment of the Solidity code. As opposed to its possibilities that typically focus on examining if the Solidity code complies with the ideal coding practices, this linter makes it possible for for detecting syntax-linked safety vulnerabilities, supports a huge variety of guidelines, as very well as permits to increase new kinds if necessary.

Solhint employs an antlr4-based mostly implementation of the Solidity parser, enabling efficient parsing and validation overall performance. In comparison to other linting options, you can reach a 2x–4x performance boost while linting the source code.

Moreover, the tool also capabilities versatile configuration selections such as:

  • Making use of a preconfigured set of procedures
  • Customizing default rule sets with the .solhint.json file
  • Controlling the configuration procedures at the code degree, making use of exclusive remarks (e.g., “solhint-disable-line”)

Putting in Solhint

To install the device, run the following command:

npm put in -g solhint

solhint -h

Essential Commands 

Solhint has three important instructions:

  • By default, it receives a listing of the file designs (**/*.sol, *.sol) and operates an analysis.
  • It is probable to supply a validating resource code to STDIN of this software with the stdin command.
  • The init-config command allows building a basic configuration file that can be customized if necessary.

One of the a lot of good factors about Solhint is that there is designed-in integration with text editors such as Chic Textual content and Atom. The delivered plugins help developers to routinely review resource code and emphasize the aspects with glitches.


  • Initially initialize a configuration file, if you do not have one. This will make a .solhint.json file with the default rules enabled. 

solhint –init

The .json file has a format:

    “extends”: “solhint:recommended”,

    “plugins”: [],


      “avoid-suicide”: “error”,

      “avoid-sha3”: “warn”



This file specifies specifically which guidelines you want Solhint to lint for. Solhint has a very astounding coverage of Security Policies, Style Manual rules, and Best Observe policies. One particular detail to retain in thoughts right before diving in is, incredibly handful of of the guidelines are turned on by default.

  • Then run Solhint with one or extra Globs as arguments. 

For instance, to lint all files inside of the contracts directory, you can do:

solhint ‘contracts/**/*.sol’

Solhint operates on globs that match a file pattern. In the earlier mentioned, it operates on all **/*.sol documents in the contracts directory

solhint contracts/MyToken.sol

Solhint Script

Edit your bundle.json to include a new script to run Solhint.

“solhint”: “./node_modules/.bin/solhint -f table contracts/**/*.sol”

Solhint in action

npm run solhint

Solhint in action

Environment up a rule 

Solhint supports a huge variety of rules but if you want to add new kinds, here’s how to do it:


        “RULE_NAME”: “



For instance: 


        “avoid-throw”: “false”

  “avoid-suicide”: “error”



A complete record of all supported principles can be found below.

Concluding Text

Solhint is an powerful and sophisticated software used by auditors and security specialists to filter out the bugs existing in wise contracts or any code, composed in the Solidity language. 

The Solhint venture is normally adapting to new use-conditions and evolutions in the blockchain world. Complying with the Solidity fashion tutorial, the linter makes it possible for developers to detect safety vulnerabilities across various validation policies and expand the list of them if required although experiencing a 2x–4x overall performance strengthen in comparison to substitute alternatives.

About Us 

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