Farm Hero New Launch NFT, Games and Defi

Edited 8 July 2021 Added, No.4) v. STAKE + VEST $HERO. No.5) Security Time Lock on contract.

Edited 2 July 2021, Added, No.6) Team Buy Back 200k Hero to support price. Strike off disadvantage of Auction as BUSD  rewards are reduce to avoid drain.
Edited 18 June 2021, Added, No.6) 300k $Hero Buy Back by Developer on $0.08 No.3) Fomo Game and Roll Game.
Edited 17 June 2021, Added No.5 Security info audited by Certik an auditor for blockchain security. Disadvantage there will be some user draining solo to himself on Auction with just minimum 50 Token bet every 15 minutes.

Great News !!! June 2021, The rise of a Hero in to Blockchain had begun, its name are FarmHero, which build in Binance Smart Chain (BSC) block chain. It recently launch and listed in Coingecko on 11 June 2021 and can be purchase from Pancake Swap.

This platform we will monitor and edit for a week or a month to make sure its legit during the launch. As we do invest as part of our profile and promote investor to join.

Overview of FarmHero

FarmHero is a novel protocol that mixes NFT, gaming and DEFI concepts.

The team aims to build a healthy, long-run community that different people can find different fun.

Community can contribute and earn in a various of ways, including but not limited to, yield farming, NFT farming, NFT trading, bug bounty, join the incubators, playing the house games, or simply copy and paste your referral link and send to friends.

1) Yield Farming (Vaults)

As of 12 June 2021, The Farm provide a decent HIGH APR Yield. Currently its attracting 1st batch of investor to stake $Hero and Add Liquidity for healthy transaction. As its new DEFI, staking rewards are higher due to scarcity of the coin minted. Therefore its a great opportunity for Yield Farming. (But always becareful as Lower Liquidity means High Risk. Do only invest with the money you can afford to lose.)

*** Word of REMINDER always becareful as Lower Liquidity means High Risk. If the Liquidity increase so does the token will become safer with capital invested lock. Do only invest with the money you can afford to lose. ***

2) NFT

The FarmHero NFT will have different properties. Currently available are Genesis NFT series. This NFT have unique capabilities to mine $Hero when stake based on minted $Hero per block. Therefore in long term its a worthy NFT to collect as UTILITY NFT in BSC chain. 

Later on, the team will provide more ways to acquire different kinds of NFT. 

3) Games

Currently this is a new Launch platform, for now it provides 3 games for user to play and BURN. (Burn is a utility  to reduce supply of coin to enable the token have healthy demand and supply token in market. For example: in economic term, if you have lesser supply token circulating in market, your token price will increase if demands remains the same).

i) The Auction Game

Auction Games have 15 minutes timer, The one who has last bid will takes all the pool money during the auction. If you need to win you need to atleast have minumum bid of 10%. Therefore its a war of bidder, If you fail you lose all of the bid as BURN with your gas spend on BSC blockchain

(Do care when bidding minimum as there is a limit before your gas fee for BSC sky rocket to beyond profit with your 1 account. Therefore if you check history mostly is monopoly by few accounts a bit unfair for multi account, so try avoid this game unless you got ready a ton of $hero on multiple account with multiple ip and pc to login)

Will monitor abit more longer with this game. If continue drain, its better pull out from project)

ii) The Fomo Game

ii) The Fomo Game

FOMO is an interesting game where you invest $KEY to a pool where everyone will benefit from $KEY sales. The developer will sell $KEY with 1 million token limit before reseting it back to 1:1 $Hero:$Key. The pool will grow as time pass by with $KEY sold by developer with increased $KEY price and investor burn their $KEY in the pool.

(Above is screenshot rules of the game as at 18 June 2021)

Therefore as Early Investor we will get back our 50% Burn $KEY as BUSD in the shared pool. But if you feel like taking the challenge to grab the 20% BUSD pool to yourself. Then you need to be the last one to burn the $KEY.

Its a nice way for investor to grab BUSD back with $KEY burn. 

 *** The games will be detail explain in their Roadmap within their website. As they will constantly update the rules and rewards based on current market and BURN ecosystem. Do check latest updates on their site ***

iii) Roll Game

This game is simple but effective to burn $HERO to get BUSD. Basicly you just need to roll the highest number get the prize. You can roll infinite amount but with a cost of 1 $HERO token. Its also a good have the pool to be shared by 5 winners. 

4) How to obtain Hero Token

This guide is to help those new to BSC blockchain. Everyone need to start from somewhere. Here i will try to guide you the basic from the start

i) Register an Account with our Binance Referral.

ii) Buy BUSD from P2P in Binance. P2P is peer 2 peer when you and seller will trade with banks in your country. Therefore you need select your country currency to trade for BUSD. During the trade please use your own bank account as Binance and seller need keep record for tax submission. 

Above is the example of Indonesia BUSD with seller bank and info. Binance is succeful because you can look seller in your own COUNTRY to buy Crypto with your bank. Nearly all country such as US, China, Russia, Indonesia, India and etc will have seller so no worry.

When trade always read their terms stated. For example most seller request instant bank transfer and not to describe certain keyword in bank reference, if you fail to comply they can reject your request. Select seller ads those have higher % of trade or verified seller with documents. 

Additional security, if the transaction is fraud such as you did not receive the payment do keep receipt and initiate “DISPUTE” so binance support can look into it.

Vice versa if you want to cash out to your bank you can also find Buyer for your TOKEN. 

ii) Register Metamask wallet to store your crypto.

How it works

Make sure follow the step and download it. Remember keep all the information such as private key or seed in a safe place such as external hard disk notes or written in a paper where you can keep it offline and you can access. (ITS IMPORTANT as its backup your wallet incase your computer damage or lost.)

iii) Link Meta mask with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Blockchain

Guide Click Here

This is an important step to link your Meta Mask in order to receive BSC blockchain related token into your wallet. If you did it wrong it wont work or lost your fund during transfer. Therefore after linking do test with a small amount, if its correct then only add it to address book and do normal transfer.

After linking Metamask to BSC, Remember to select BSC blockchain to obtain and maintain your BSC address.

Red Circle is your Account , You can click to copy for BSC

Yellow Box is your BSC Networks. Remember always test transaction with small figure until u get it right before you do actual transfer.

iv) Buy $Hero with BUSD

*** IMPORTANT: Remember you bought some BNB thru Binance and transfer to Metamask Wallet as the whole process need BNB as gas / tranaction fees to enable each transaction ***

At this moment launching, You can only purchase to Pancake Swap. Therefore you need to add the $Hero token in Pancake Swap to trade. 

To get the link for $Hero with Pancake Swap, you register HERE and click go top right with 1HERO which are circle on top right. Then it will bring you to pancake swap, where you need to save the $Hero token and swap with BUSD.

You will get the dashboard as above to swap. In future as the $Hero token grows you can select other than BUSD to swap. (If you cant see this is because you havent click top right Pancake Swap and FarmHero to connect yourwallet with Meta Mask.

If you still cant see the $Hero Token, You need to add manually token with Metamask bottom screen. Then add $Hero info provide at CONTRACT HERE.

v) Stake or Vest $Hero on the FarmHero Platform

Edited New Version – In long term growth, increase value and prevent mass dumping by investor. They change stake in yield farming with STAKE + VEST HERO (Lock).

Finally you can now stake your $Hero on the platform by selecting $Hero Farm. Then click approval to get the contract link. Put it the amount you wish to stake.

Version change as above.

Now you can either STAKE or STAKE+LOCK. This will depend on your financial intuition. If you STAKE, then you can withdraw without HUGE penalty as describe but you only can benefit to obtain BUSD only. As for STAKE + LOCK, this yield farm is for those can HODL 3 months and believe in future growth, they can benefit profit from $HERO and BUSD. Advantage you can claim anytime you want with gas fee but disadvantage if you withdraw STAKE + LOCK less than 3 MONTHS, you will lost 50% of your TOTAL INVESTMENT so it will be devided back into the pool. I can say its a fair yield to protect $HERO growth.

After you stake you can either harvest for GAIN or COMPOUND to reinvest. But do remember dont do it too often as each action require GAS / TRANSACTION FEES. Calculate your cost well.



5) Security 

The platform had gone thru auditing with Certik. Its an auditor who do audits on blockchain security. You can find big players such as Binance, Pancakeswap, Polygon and others score their audits from Certik.

For this platform you can check its Reports HERE.

Time lock of 48 hours been implemented to prevent any abnormal transaction or loop holes. QUOTED by official website source as below:

“We have witnessed several project, including uranium on Binance Smart Chain, bunny, who have smart contract design bug found but not able to fix timely, which caused lost of client funds. It’s to our best interest to protect the funds safety so we deploy our contracts using upgradable proxy. Also it worths mention that mature team such as and pancake have migrated their contracts to upgradable as well.”

For more info you can check more info HERE.

6) Buy Back

This platform have a great developer that really take care of investor. They have buy back system which will frequently buy $HERO token when it falls below their limit as they treasure this Project. (For Example As At 18 June 2021 , They set a $HERO buy back with $300k)

The team bought back 200k Honor again as at 2 July 2021. Proof in BSC scan.


This new platform is a promising place to further research and invest as they provide a clear roadmap to move further in future. 

By 2021 June

Launch FarmHero Protocol, Yield Farming, NFT farming, Genesis NFT sale, Auction Game, Fomo Game, Referral System

By 2021 Aug

Launch Blind Box NFT, Internal NFT market places.

Start Incubation plan for community projects that can help $HERO community

By 2021 Oct

Launch FarmHeroDAO, the incubator.

By 2022 Q2

Employ 3D VR technology to do upgrades to show better NFT!

Above Roadmap is obtain from their Official DOCs stated in their website. Even though it have a promising future with Roadmap and security to it, its always better to invest money that you feel comfortable.  Recently a lot of rug pull in blockchain therefore NEVER take things for granted. If you got profit REMEMBER withdraw partially so you can get back your INITIAL INVESTMENT.

Finally we conclude this is currently new platform and have higher return. We are Confident it will succeed as it would be one of our diversify blockchain profile during launching.

If you find this review or guide  helpful, please support our referral so we can keep update latest earning news, review and guide.

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