How to Play and Win: Arc8

Arc8 is at number 13 this week in DappRadar’s Games rankings

Arc8 launched in October 2021 and has grown to become one of the fastest-growing and most popular play-to-earn games on the market. Today, it attracts just under 13,000 unique visitors every month. Built on the Polygon blockchain, Arc8 makes casual gaming worth your time. So it’s important that you learn how to play and win.


  • What is Arc8
  • How does the game work?
  • Does Arc8 have any NFTs?
  • What’s the in-game currency?
  • How can you make money playing Arc8?
  • Can you stake on the platform?
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In the past week alone, Arc8 has had a total of $46 million sitting in its dapp’s smart contracts. The number of unique active wallets connecting with the platform is up by 21% from the week before and there is talk of releasing more NFTs to the market for its growing fanbase.

What is Arc8?

Arc8 is a mobile gaming platform with a play-to-earn system. By mobile gaming, we mean card games, puzzle games, simple runner games, target practice, penalty shootouts. 

They’re the sort of things you’d expect to find in the App Store or Google Play. The difference is that with Arc8, you can earn rewards for participating, instead of paying to download the app. 

It’s built on the Polygon Layer2 network, which means the Arc8 in-game token is also easily-compatible with Ethereum. Gamee, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is the development company behind Arc8. 

How does the game work?

Before you play a game, you wager your in-game GMEE tokens against another player. If you secure victory over your opponent, you win all of the tokens. Staking tokens against other gamers means there’s an element of gambling with Arc8, especially with the card games. But there’s also a huge amount of skill.

There are currently 11 games to choose from, and Arc8 is always adding more to its suite. At the moment, you can choose from the following:

  • 99 Blocks – a close relation of Tetris.
  • ATARI Asteroids – a remake of a true computer game classic.
  • Dark Lords – you need a G-Bot NFT to do battle in space.
  • Globo Run – guide your sphere past obstacles along a track.
  • Hexonix – a puzzle game to combine hexagons.
  • Marble Dash – guide a marble along an obstacle course at pace.
  • Pirate Solitaire – the friendly card game with a slice of nautical rascalry.
  • Pixel Dungeon – guide a cube through this platform game.
  • Samurai Hold’em – Poker with ninjas.
  • Solitaire Star – Klondike card game, nearly as old as time.
  • Wizard’s 21 – Blackjack with a twist.


The Gamee desktop site has information about Arc8, including a whitepaper that shows upcoming milestones. It’s also the place where you’ll see your GAMEE dashboard, staking options and marketplace. More on all of these later.

To play the games, you’ll need to download Arc8 on desktop or mobile, from one of the big app stores. This means you’ll need to jump through some KYC hoops that make this platform not fully decentralized. But the play-to-earn functionality is all there for blockchain gamers to enjoy and win prizes.

To win rewards against opponents, you’ll also need GMEE tokens to stake. You can get these from Polygon decentralized exchanges, such as QuickSwap or Uniswap.

Does Arc8 have any NFTs?

G-Bots are the Polygon-based in-game NFTs inside the Arc8 ecosystem. Developed to the ERC-721 standard, holders can put G-Bots to use in Arc8 through putting them into battle or staking them.

To get one, you need to go through the secondary marketplaces. A first edition of 5,000 packs containing G-Bots went on sale in 2021 but sold out a long time ago. Rumors began circulating in June 2022 that second edition G-Bots are in the works.

Gamee plans to expand the utility of the G-Bot NFTs and has stated that an entire metaverse-style virtual world is in the works. Their goal is to create more decentralized ownership of the platform, introduce game-related land and give the community a bigger say in how the Arc8 operates.

Gamee also wants to implement interoperability for the G-Bots. This means that holders will be able to use their NFTs across different platforms and in different games. As things stand, users can only use their NFTs in the Arc8 ecosystem.

What’s the in-game currency?

GMEE is Arc8’s in-game currency. The current token price is well off its all-time high. But as this is in line with the rest of the cryptocurrency market, there is a chance that it could rebound in future.

In order to win more GMEE, you need to find an opponent, decide how many tokens you want to wager against each other, and then compete in Arc8 games for the winnings. It’s that simple.

How can you make money playing Arc8?

Yes, as we’ve seen above, you can win GMEE by competing against opponents for a predetermined amount. Conversely, if you lose against opponents, you will lose the GMEE tokens you wagered.

Arc8 has a free credit system as well. This allows players to play and practice for free. With any free credits acquired, players can also enter the sponsored tournaments where GMEE tokens are up for grabs. You can earn real cryptocurrency playing the game in this way; but it takes a long time to build up resources. 

You can also stake GMEE in liquidity pools or you can stake G-Bot NFTs for rewards. There’s more on this below.

Can you stake on the platform?

Arc8 itself does not have a staking function. But inside the Gamee platform, there is a well-established staking portal with a number of options.

When you go to the Gamee staking portal, you will find you have two options. You can stake tokens or you can stake your G-Bot:


It’s important to note the staking Gamee staking events are not perpetual. When you go to the portal, you will see immediately whether or not there is a staking period on at the moment.

There are two staking pairs: 

  • GMEE – ETH

By staking your GMEE and adding liquidity to these pools, you will be rewarded with tokens in return.


You can also stake your G-Bot NFT. Depending on the rarity level of your G-Bot, you will receive a daily reward of GMEE tokens when you lock it away. The daily rewards will change, depending on how many holders have staked their NFT at any given time. You check what you can currently earn on the G-Bot staking page. 

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