How to Play and Win: Trickshot Blitz

Trickshot Blitz is at number 4 this week in DappRadar’s Games rankings

Trickshot Blitz only launched this month but already it’s forced its way to number four in DappRadar’s Games rankings. The pool-based casual game has attracted around 275,000 users in the past week alone. This is a week-on-week increase of more than 8,700%. It’s classic mobile gaming for a web3 audience.


Trickshot Blitz featured as one of our top five simple play-to-earn games this week and the platform has attracted a staggering number of fans in a short space of time. The reward structure won’t make anyone a millionaire any time soon. But this is the perfect game for you if you’re a fan of addictive mobile gaming that requires little effort.

What is Trickshot Blitz?

Trickshot Blitz is one of the latest games from studio Joyride. As with other Joyride titles, it’s built on the Flow blockchain. The game is a simple concept that lends itself perfectly to attracting an addicted audience. All you need to do is play pool, execute trickshots and earn rewards.

The company announced the game’s launch on August 15th, 2022. As with Joyride’s other mega hit, Solitaire Blitz, Trickshot Blitz has quickly risen up DappRadar’s Games rankings to assume a position near the top of the pile.

DappRadar’s Guide to Solitaire Blitz

Trickshot Blitz’ incredible growth

Since it launched 10 days ago, Trickshot Blitz has followed in the footsteps of other dapps built on the Flow blockchain. Like NBA Top Shot two years ago, and Solitaire Blitz earlier this year, Trickshot Blitz has attracted an incredible number of fans in a short period of time.

The guys discuss Trickshot Blitz at 32:20

This week alone, 273,850 unique active wallets have interacted with the game and users have made more than 1.3 million transactions on the platform. This is another sign, as DappRadar has reported recently, that blockchain games are maintaining strong performance while NFTs and DeFi struggles.

As with all simple and casual mobile games, users don’t need a powerful computer with a strong internet connection to play Trickshot Blitz. This makes the game accessible to all people in all countries.

What game modes does Trickshot Blitz have?

Joyride has kept the gameplay simple for Trickshot Blitz. Users play pool, against real opponents or the computer. But there are a few different formats, to keep things interesting.

Player versus Player

PvP mode allows you to match up against a single opponent. If you enter the Playground, you can see a select list of matches to enter. Go to the Contest tab to check out the full roster. 

If you play against a random opponent, the computer will match you against someone of a similar XP. You can also find friends who play Trickshot Blitz and play against them.

Tournament Mode

Multiplayer tournaments give you the chance to beat a string of opponents and make it to the top of the mountain. Bigger rewards are on offer in tournaments. But beware, the competition is fiercer.

Some tournaments are closed to players until they reach a certain level of experience. At the moment, anyone below level 5 cannot access every match.

Challenges and Daily Rewards

Challenges are one-off trials where your only opponent is yourself. They can be difficult shots, or a series of pots, that you need to make in a limited amount of time.

For daily rewards, you need to log in regularly, go on scoring streaks and reach gaming milestones. When you do this, you will earn extra tokens.

Practice Mode

This is where you play against a computer to hone your skills without the pressure of losing any tokens. You can play in practice mode for as long as you want to work on your angles, ball striking and trickshots.

What is the in-game RLY token?

Rally, represented as RLY on the ticker, is the native token of the Joyride ecosystem. It’s Ethereum-based and is the oil that keeps the cogs turning in the Rally network. The Rally network itself is a platform where creators or groups of developers can launch their own cryptocurrencies.

When they were originally launched, the idea was that RLY would be “social tokens”. They enable access to exclusive content, and physical and digital merchandise. As the currency of the entire system, they make sure that any other developers building on top of that system can to trade things using a single currency with a uniform value.  

RLY is tradeable for other cryptocurrencies or you can turn it into fiat currency and spend it in the real world. You can do this through various various decentralized exchanges: MEXC, Bitget, Kucoin, Huobi Global and Phemex.

The token reached its all-time high of $1.40 back in March 2021. Since then, it’s been on a downward trend and shows no sign of recovering at the moment. Find out how much RLY is worth today and whether or not you think it will return to anywhere near its peak.

How does play-to-earn work in Trickshot Blitz?

You don’t necessarily win RLY tokens for every match that you win in Trickshot Blitz. Most matches are played for Coins. Without Coins, players can’t enter matches regularly to build up their XP points.

Players win RLY tokens by entering Season and Special events. To compete in these, you need Tickets, which you can do by reaching milestones in Seasonal and Daily Challenges. Boosters are special rewards you can win for completing challenges and reaching milestones. They help you gain XP and Coins.

Each PvP match has a two-minute time limit. Gameplay is asynchronous though, so you don’t necessarily have to complete the two minutes in real time. The player with the highest score at the end wins.

To make a shot, drag your finger to pull the cue back. Move your finger around the screen to find the perfect angle. When you release, so will your cue. In a perfect world, the ball will go into the pocket.

Each pocket has a set number of points which are called Pocket Points. When you hit a ball into each pocket, you will score the number of assigned points. If you pot a ball using a trickshot, you will earn an extra 100 points.

Any player who clears the whole table with time to spare on the clock will receive extra points. Pocket Points rotate around the table with each ball that is potted.

How can I track Trickshot Blitz’ on-chain activity?

DappRadar is the place to go for on-chain information about Trickshot Blitz. You can use our Games rankings pages to see how it’s performing on a daily, weekly, or monthly time frame. Importantly, you can see how it performs against all games, across all blockchains, or against other games just on the Flow blockchain.

You can also track Trickshot Blitz’ on-chain data in more depth by going to the game’s single dapp page. Here, you’ll be able to see user and transaction numbers, and the volume of cryptocurrency moving through the dapp’s smart contracts. You can also see how much money the dapp is currently holding as a balance.

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