Phase 2 Of GazeTV Has Begun To Emphasise The Social And Entertainment Aspects Of Video Content

Worldwide, August 18, 2022, The second phase of the GazeTV project, entitled “Gazer-lization,” which focuses on peer-to-peer interaction, social networking, and content discovery, has officially begun, according to a press release from GazeTV. Are you willing to join the Gazer community? Register right away at

Phase 1 GazeAge was used to introduce GazeTV last year. The growing GAZE tokenized ecosystem has shown to be a reliable way of supporting content creation while also linking content creators and their viewers to support and interact with one another directly. GazeAge primarily focuses on the video part of this.

The built-in incentive system, which makes use of blockchain technology, is crucial to the GAZE ecosystem, where the Upload Reward Pool enables content creators to grow their content economy and the Interaction Reward Pool encourages user engagement on the site.

We are advancing the GAZE tokenized ecosystem in Phase 2 Gazer-lization, transforming GazeTV into a complete social entertainment platform.

In order to reach the ultimate objective of bringing the Gazer community closer, we will add additional features to Gazer-lization while the incentive mechanism is kept in place. Our main priorities in Gazer-lization are social interaction and enjoyment, not only video content.

This phase will see the rollout of new features such as live streaming, social networking, referrals, P2P transfer, and voucher system after nearly a year of planning and feature development (see GazeTV’s milestone).

New Features Quickly

Social Networking Space

Direct and immediate communication and connections between Gazers are now possible. Gazers can express themselves and connect with other Gazers who have similar interests in the “Zone” section. By doing this, creators will be able to connect with their followers and vice versa. You can watch each other’s updates at the Zone and engage in live conversation once you’ve added each other as a Zonemate. Maintain contact.

Live Stream

On GazeTV, this eagerly anticipated new function will soon be accessible. Live streaming enables in-the-moment communication between content producers and viewers. For a variety of purposes, including streaming a music show, an event, or just chit-chatting with fans, creators can conduct public or private live streams. Private live broadcasts let content producers decide the ticket price and audience size restrictions. GazeTV’s live stream incorporates interactive features like fun sharing and super chat to encourage audience participation and encourage viewers to do more than just watch. Sales of tickets and Super Chat purchases bring in money for the creators.

User Tier

To promote on-platform user interaction, GazeTV presents different degrees of user tiers. There are four user tiers: GazeBie, GazeSeed, GazeTank, and GazeStar. Increased incentives and privileges, such as extra rewards on content revenue, access to more social features, free coupons, and more, are available to Gazers as their user level rises.


In this second phase, GazeTV offers an additional revenue source from content submission and participation to every Gazer. Gazers can get incentives for each successful referral by referring friends and family to sign up for GazeTV. Rewards are limitless. You can earn more referral bonuses the more referrals you produce. Once the referee has completed the necessary responsibilities, additional rewards are given to the referrers.

P2P Transfer

For Gazers who want to send and receive GAZE fast and for no cost, GazeTV enables on-platform transfer. Without leaving the platform, Gazers can send GAZE to their Zonemates immediately because the process only requires a few clicks. The blockchain stores and secures every transaction.

MetaMask Integration

GazeTV simplifies things for those who are knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies. You can conduct platform transactions on the GazeTV platform, such as P2P transfers, deposits, withdrawals, and balance checks, straight from your MetaMask wallet once it has been linked to your GazeTV account. The wallet connection operates as a hybrid exchange transaction flow mechanism that combines centralised and decentralised exchanges.

Phase 2 of GazeTV Has Begun To Emphasise the Social and Entertainment Aspects of Video Content 4

Gazer-lization offers you the finest possible social entertainment experience, whether of whether you are a content provider, a frequent user, or just an affiliate.

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Please consult the User Guide if you need advice on how to start using GazeTV.

About GazeTV

A cutting-edge new social networking and entertainment platform, blends the best of Web 3.0 and blockchain technology to provide a community-owned and socially conscious experience that empowers content creators and rewards consumers.

GazeTV has built-in tokenomic incentives and reward systems for interacting and expanding its community like never before. It is powered by the GAZE tokenized ecosystem and its evolving DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance structure, The GazeTV Foundation.

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