Snoop Dogg & Steve Aoki Collaborate on Exclusive NFT Music Album

The duo will airdrop an Alpha Doggz Da Da song to choose collectors on Thursday

Tunes pioneers Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki have teamed up to launch an special NFT album. The 1st two music from the album will grow to be readily available up coming 7 days. Impressively, collectors who keep a Snoop Stashbox token or an Aokiverse Passport NFT will get a track airdrop for no cost. 


  • Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki pioneer the website3 revolution in music
  • The Alpha Doggz Da Da album will be unveiled in levels, with the initially two tunes dropping future 7 days
  • The exceptional NFT principle and constrained obtain to collectibles and information and facts
  • Gala Music has teased an thrilling new collaboration with 4 hip-hop legends

Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki pioneer world wide web3 songs

The new music business is continue to much from adopting blockchain technological innovation and NFTs as a path to the long term. Having said that, there are outliers like Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, and DJ RAC. Musicians are now turning to NFTs to allow their fans to benefit from unique legal rights and gains, although their favourite creators gain from amplified royalties earnings. 

Snoop Dogg has already unveiled his B.O.D.R NFT album collaborating with Gala Songs. Steve Aoki has participated in many metaverse gatherings, and has totally embraced the web3 space with the launch of his Aokiverse Passports NFT passes. 

The new collaborative effort concerning the two songs stars further more proves that massive names in the new music sector are growing fonder and far more interested in world wide web3. What is extra, the approaching Alpha Doggz Da Da album will convey various rewards to collectors who by now hold NFTs from the creators’ previous NFT drops. 

The Alpha Doggz Da Da fall

In accordance to a latest tweet from Steve Aoki, the new Alpha Doggz Da Da album will incorporate a free of charge airdrop of 1 song to decide on collectors. NFT fanatics who hold a Snoop Stashbox token or an Aokiverse Passport NFT will get a song airdropped for totally free.

The tweet also particulars that the album will fall in levels, with a lot more details to appear. The to start with two songs of the exceptional release will develop into readily available up coming 7 days. The entire collaboration is produced with Gala Music’s support. Gala Tunes is Gala Games’ music subsidiary, aiming to carry more musicians on board and increase the internet3 tunes business. 

Gala New music teases new projects with Snoop Dogg

Aside from the forthcoming Alpha Doggz Da Da album, Gala Tunes is actively functioning on a distinct collaborative challenge with Snoop Dogg. Although facts about the task are still incredibly scarce, the new music studio dropped a teaser tweet very last thirty day period. 

In accordance to the teaser, 4 hip hop and rap legends will be part of forces to embrace internet3. Snoop Dogg, Ice Dice, TooShort, and E40 will appear collectively for an exceptional NFT task, leveraging Gala Music’s blockchain electricity. 

Unique NFTs as accessibility passes

Unique NFTs are turning out to be the new huge matter in the NFT room. As creators discover methods to check out internet3 distinctive golf equipment and entry go NFTs are becoming a substantial sector of the room. Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki’s distinctive tunes album drop is also element of this trend. As holders of the musicians’ past two releases will get a tune for free. 

Other unique clubs like the Proof Collective, for example, give holders access to coveted communities. These NFT passes have shaped a new craze in the area as more initiatives tend to grant their collectors extra accessibility benefits. 

DappRadar will carry on monitoring the NFT place as Gala Songs delivers additional huge musicians to website3. If you want to study the hottest NFT new music information, stick to DappRadar on Twitter. Additionally, you can join the special DappRadar Pro community to obtain access to personal Discord discussion channels. 

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