Solana Audit- A technical voyage for builders

Solana’s recognition has sky-rocketed in a brief time period, as it claims to conquer the blockchain scalability trilemma and is viewed as an Ethereum killer. 

In December 2020 the value for a Solana crypto-token, SOL, was about $1.5 although in Oct 2021 it heightened to all around $251 a token. 

Launched by Anatoly Yakovenko, who produced the initially white paper on Solana architecture in 2017. Then, in 2020 the 1st Solana coin, SOL entered the crypto market. 

As Solana is all set to develop into the developer’s one most effective decide for clever contracts, thoughts regarding its stability start off impeding. For that reason, the want for Solana clever agreement audit comes into getting. 

In this web site, we are heading to talk about the pursuing:

Solana audit and why it is essential?
How Solana clever contacts can be attacked? 
What are the widespread vulnerabilities associated with Solana smart contract? 
How is the Solana safety audit performed? 

Let us Start out!

Why do we need to have a Solana Clever Deal Audit?

In a shorter span of 2-3 years, Solana has develop into a single of the 3 most made use of blockchain protocols, whilst SOL stands at 7th posture in the list of highest cryptocurrencies. 

At the present time, Solana-dependent Dapps go on to develop in worth, mandating the enhancement of auditing approaches to assure the maximum standards of trustworthiness.

Listed here are a handful of motives why Solana sensible deal auditing is required 

  1. To check if the code functions as supposed to be on the wise deal.
  2. To prevent problems pertaining to leakage of resources from wise contacts.
  3. Addressing vulnerabilities regarding the gasoline optimization
  4. Basic issues connected with Solana and Rust programming
  5. Possible assaults associated with Solana Programming

What are the assault surfaces in a Solana clever contract?

An attack area consists of all the entry details that a hacker or any other unauthorized particular person could use to enter a method. The moment a hacker discovers these vulnerabilities in your smart contract, they can ingress confidential facts, plant viruses, or create leakage of funds.

Unlike Solidity, which allows every community and external purpose to be identified as by an attacker. There is a solitary entry issue affiliated with Solana Wise Contract.

Solana Smart Contract Illustration: Entry Point 

In the higher than example, process_intruction is the only entry issue that can act as an attack surface area for a hacker. An attacker can source arbitrary information, leading to a Solana good contract exploitation. 

What are the common vulnerabilities resulting in Solana Security issues?

Despite the fact that, most vulnerabilities arising in a sensible deal are popular to most blockchain protocols. However, in the case of Solana, there are a several precise vulnerabilities. 

So, Let’s have a look at some of the bugs leading to Solana safety concerns:

  1. Solana account confusions
  2. Inadequate-SPL token account verification
  3. Exterior Application Validation failure
  4. Lacking signer test
  5. Lacking ownership check out
  6. Signed invocation of Unverified Application
  7. Re-Entrancy
  8. Arithmetic More than/Beneath Flows 
  9. Delegate connect with
  10. Default Visibilities
  11. Entropy Illusion
  12. External Agreement
  13. Quick Handle/Parameter Assault
  14. Unchecked Phone Return Values
  15. Race Conditions / Front Working
  16. Denial Of Support (DOS) 
  17. Block Timestamp Manipulation
  18. Floating Details and Numerical Precision

How ImmuneBytes accomplish your Solana Sensible agreement Audit?

For instance, in Feb 2022, a $320mn Defi exploit took spot in the wormhole protocol which is the most significant attack to date on Solana. Here, the wormhole protocol functions as a bridge involving Solana and Ethereum. 

A more just lately released competitor of Ethereum, Solana, is rising in attractiveness since it is less costly and more rapidly to use. Thereupon, with the arrival of a lot more and much more really valued Solana projects, Solana stability audits have develop into essential. 

We at ImmuneBytes give a thorough handbook evaluation well balanced in opposition to automated testing approaches to make your Solana jobs a rough nut to crack for hackers. Solana audit is a security audit methodology that employs many simulations to take a look at protection controls. 

How ImmuneBytes complete Solana Audit? – Comprehensive Evaluation

solana smart contract audit process

“ 1 device can do the operate of 50 individuals.

             No machine can do the function of a single amazing man” 

Elbert Hubbard

Our top smart contract auditors manually analyze your code to level out each glitch achievable to retain all the doorways close to hackers. Thereupon, we deploy two autonomous groups of clever deal auditors for independent audits and a thorough evaluation of your code. Thereby, our job supervisor integrates the conclusions of both equally the reports highlighting all the problems and suggestions. Lastly, we deploy a business analyst to have an understanding of the undertaking state of affairs, alongside with giving exam instances for every single purposeful action. 

Methodology pertaining to Solana Intelligent Agreement Audit

Formal verification

At first, we confirm if the code is created as per the meant conduct described in the business requirements.

Highlighting important issues

Our prime emphasis is to look for glitches that can direct to money fraud. For case in point, issues that can end result in leakage of cash from smart contracts, and more 

 Integration tests

This contains screening for dependency concerns liable to producing unforeseen errors in the most important intelligent contract. 

 Highlighting key and slight issues

At this level, the aim is to look for all the main and insignificant vulnerabilities frequently arising in a smart agreement. For Example, issues close to making use of SafeMath, good agreement code upgradability, denial of provider, very low-level phone calls, and common follow to enrich code reusability between other individuals.  

Preliminary reporting- Emphasize regions of recommendations 

At this immediate, we make a report such as Evidence of Thought and unit exam circumstances for purchasers to realize the significance of tips made by our sensible agreement auditors. These solutions if applied can more improve your code. For example, procedures on fuel optimizations, code reusability, and others.


It consists of optimizing the client’s code centered on the tips created by the clever deal auditors. 

Remaining Audit 

Finally, following producing the needed variations, our auditors will carry out a re-audit to look at if any other vulnerability persists. 


To make your Solana Assignments hack-evidence and restrict its vulnerabilities to a increased extent. Tactic Us! For Solana Sensible agreement and safety audit projects to improve your Solana projects and make them immune from failure at a later stage. 

Our intelligent deal auditors accomplish a detailed assessment of your Solana code to issue out the prospective risk in your Solana Smart Contract. Also, we can assist you with an all-close to program assessment to take care of the security of the total item.

So, Keep tuned with ImmuneBytes, to be in the acknowledged with a lot more such information and facts about Ethereum, and other blockchain protocols.

About ImmuneBytes

We at ImmuneBytes offer enterprises and startups complete sensible agreement auditing options for their programs to have a secure graduation. Our journey starts with an purpose to foster safety in the upcoming blockchain globe, increasing the general performance of big-scale units.  

On the other hand, Blockchain fosters a protected transactional surroundings, and apps developed on this technology occur with their have set of vulnerabilities. As there is no scope for alterations in blockchain transactions, good contracts will need to be comprehensively evaluated to stop any even further loopholes from turning your task into an extravagant exploit. 

ImmuneBytes administers stern sensible contract audits, employing both of those static and dynamic analysis, along with examining a contract’s code and gasoline optimization, leaving no escape route for bugs.

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