We are All Going to Die Burns Mutant Ape

21 ETH NFT sacrificed in Activity Of Thrones-like hearth ceremony

We are All Heading to Die grew to become the subject matter of dialogue this week just after it paid out another person to melt away a Mutant Ape. The Ape was worth 21 ETH ($36,597 at the time) and the stunt induced confusion, laughter and anger as men and women tried out to determine out why it transpired. As with other new collections that look to have no objective, the tale powering the burn off could just be that: a good story to convey to. 


  • On June 6th, We are All Going to Die available to repay individuals who burned their NFTs.
  • One member of the community burned a Mutant Ape to a melt away wallet and the story received a large amount of traction on the internet.
  • Utilizing the NFT Explorer, we can see that We are All Likely to Die is carrying out very well for a collection that came rapidly, from nowhere.

A sense of nihilism has established into the NFT world. Ever due to the fact Terra collapsed and the Goblins turned up, there is been an end-of-days vibe throughout lots of internet3 communities. Possibly viewing that the outdated techniques no for a longer period work, new projects are disregarding the procedures and hoping that people will uncover price in careless anarchy.

Long gone are roadmaps, visibility, transparency and a very well-prepared minting course of action. Now, new collections just take pride in their lack of very clear conversation and the persons powering them are making a virtue out of remaining hidden. Groups are distributing their NFTs for totally free and the thought of utility has gone out of the window fully.

Versus this backdrop of recklessness, it was amazingly unsurprising to listen to that a member of We are All Likely to Die’s community burned a Mutant Ape NFT really worth 21 ETH. The to start with problem that will come to brain is, Why?

The Mutant Ape sacrificial bonfire

The outline of the story is very simple. We are All Likely to Die is a collection of 6,666 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The group distributed the tokens for free on June 3rd and because then, one has sold for 69.42 ETH and flooring price tag has arrived at a height of 1.39 ETH. Rumors are circulating that the project’s been in the will work for ten months. Other people assume it introduced unexpectedly, on the back again of Goblin Town’s achievements.

Tale-telling, lore and myth are a significant component of We are All Likely to Die’s enchantment. There is a enthusiast wiki and a strong, dedicated neighborhood. The aesthetics are centered on blood and glory and birth as a result of fire think Games of Thrones in pixels. And the idea of burning an NFT (specially 1 of an additional assortment) suits in with the full ethos of the job.

Supply: Twitter

On June 6th, We are All Likely to Die introduced that it desired a bonfire to ‘make their mark on this world’. They also mentioned ‘their sacrifice will be honored with a grand demonstration of equivalent exchange’. The neighborhood labored on the presumption that the benefit of the burned NFT would be repaid entirely to an equal price.

A working day afterwards, on June 7th, Mutant Ape #20438 was sent to a burn off wallet. A burn off wallet is a usual crypto wallet that no one particular is capable to access. This implies the Ape is locked absent and missing eternally. The burn off wallet can be discovered in this article and you can see the NFT in this article.

Source: Twitter

Guiding the naturally absurd narrative of burning a Mutant Ape, the stunt did obtain its fundamental and fully rational intention: publicity. Persons on the net talked over it, journalists wrote about it, website3 Twitter lambasted and celebrated it in equivalent evaluate. And for a venture built solely on its have story, We are All Going to Die needs to be talked about in get to exist.

We are All Going to Die’s effectiveness

We are All Likely to Die is a week previous now. And for a selection minted for totally free, without fanfare and only a Twitter account for interaction, its good results has been impressive. Hunting at its general performance on the NFT Explorer, we can see that it’s dropped throughout critical metrics about the earlier 24 hrs.

In spite of these dips, the normal sale rate is still a wholesome 1.16 ETH and if we glimpse at the recent revenue, there has been sufficient recent buying and selling activity to counsel that the NFTs are nevertheless in desire. Product sales are up 5.62% more than the final working day and a lot more stunts like burning Mutant Apes might aid keep fascination in the project in the months to appear.

What next for the narrative-based NFTs?

No matter whether a constant string of awareness-grabbing performances will be adequate to continue to keep this collection likely potent stays to be noticed. Rumors are circulating quietly on the internet that We are All Heading to Die has tons much more lined up to offer you its holders and authentic utility could be exposed around the coming times and weeks.

Stay tuned to our web site and Twitter feed to continue to keep up to day with this story as it unfolds. And continue to keep an eye on We are All Going to Die’s effectiveness with our NFT Explorer and NFT Overview applications. It will be intriguing to see how the crew behind the venture navigates the future period when the crowd moves onto a new tale and the narrative is no for a longer period sufficient to hold their consideration.

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